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Instagrammable Hot Spots in Mexico

When you’ve got the best views in Mexico, it’s easy to smile for the camera. Many of these views are Instagrammable hot spots to fill your page with vibrant colors and breathtaking landscapes. While the best places to visit in Mexico hold so much more than Instagram-worthy places; epic photos to share of your travels […]

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Recipes for the Best Fresh Fruit Water

The human body requires eight glasses of water everyday to stay hydrated, but getting all the water your body needs is easier said than done. To stay hydrated and energized, water infused with fresh fruits and herbs makes reaching for a glass of water much more tempting than a soda. The infusion adds in delicious […]

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Paddle Boarding – A Daily Fitness Routine for your Vacation

If you’ve never been on top of a paddle board in the middle of the water, than you’re not only missing out on the benefits of paddle boarding, but also on the incredible feeling that comes with gliding atop the surface of the water in some of the world’s most calming settings. While you can […]

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Flavored Water – A Refreshing Treat on Your Mexico Vacations

One of the most refreshing treats on a sunny day on your Mexico vacations is agua fresca, or flavored water. Agua fresca is a staple in the Mexican diet and is served at almost every small restaurant and even on small carts vendors push around. Agua fresca refers to the type of naturally flavored water […]

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The Importance of Recovery for the Fitness Forward

While it may seem counterintuitive to give yourself a break between intense workouts, giving your body a period of rest is actually essential to the recovery process. When you are working out every day, it is more likely that you will sustain an injury, and it can actually cause you to make less progress toward […]

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Sporting the Natural Look on Your Mexico Vacation

When you are enjoying a getaway in one of Mexico’s top destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, Loreto or Riviera Nayarit, you can be sure that the elements will be waiting to turn your meticulously designed hairstyle and full face of makeup into a less than ideal look. The heat will no doubt cause you […]

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Volunteer Vacations with Kids

These days, many parents are not just interested in taking a family vacation that stays within the perimeter of their chosen luxury resort. They want to use their getaway as a chance to instill values in their kids and teach them about why caring about and helping others is so important, which is why volunteer […]

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