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Instagrammable Hot Spots in Mexico

When you’ve got the best views in Mexico, it’s easy to smile for the camera. Many of these views are Instagrammable hot spots to fill your page with vibrant colors and breathtaking landscapes. While the best places to visit in Mexico hold so much more than Instagram-worthy places; epic photos to share of your travels […]

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La Paz Whale Shark Snorkeling

The Bay of La Paz, which is a quick boat trip away from Cabo San Lucas, has calm, gorgeous water that provides a wonderful environment for whale sharks who visit the region each high season, which stretches from early winter to late spring. These massive yet calm-natured creatures find a plentiful amount of food in […]

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Puerto Vallarta Waterfalls

Puerto Vallarta, along with its surrounding areas that hug the coastline along the gleaming waters of Banderas Bay, is filled with natural wonders including several awe-inspiring waterfalls. Imagine going for a hike along a path through the jungle amongst breathtaking lush tropical foliage and, upon reaching your destination, reaping the rewards of your hard work […]

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5 Mexico Views that Will Take your Breath Away

Even though there are certain cities in Mexico that have earned reputations as go-to spots for hard partying nightlife, there is so much more to this beguiling country than tequila shots and bachelor parties! Mexico is incredibly diverse, with breathtaking natural beauty everywhere you turn, ranging from arid deserts to high mountains; the country also […]


Family Vacations That Will Get You In Touch with Nature

  With the world seemingly at your fingertips through the use of smart phones and tablets, it can be hard to disconnect and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful sights Mother Nature has provided.  Not only has the use of technology proven to push people and families further apart, but it has also proven […]

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Whale Watching Tours on the Pacific Coast

A major attraction for those on vacation in Mexico, more specifically in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas and the Islands of Loreto, is one of the largest marine mammals found in the Pacific Ocean – the humpback whale. From late November to early May, thousands of humpback whales migrate to the warmer waters […]

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