TSA Checkpoints: What you need to Know

TSA Checkpoints: What you need to Know

When a tropical paradise and a vacation filled with exciting adventures awaits you, making it through all the security and TSA checkpoints seems like a hassle as you travel. As thousands of people move through multiple lines of security all traveling to different destinations, the process can be confusing and flustering as you try not to hold up the line or make an alarm go off. Preparing beforehand and familiarizing yourself with TSA policies will help you sail through security and onto vacation.

Have Your ID Out

As you approach security, the first step is to present your ID and boarding pass. When you reach the kiosk isn’t the time to start pulling them out of your bag. If you have a mobile boarding pass, be aware that sometimes the Wifi or data signal is weaker in the security checkline. Before entering the queue, make sure your pass is fully loaded and ready to be shown to the officer.

Take Out Items for Screening

Before sending your carry-on bag through the x-ray scanner, make sure to remove certain items. All electronic devices larger than a cell phone, including e-readers, camera bodies, and speakers, need to be removed. If you’ve brought liquids in containers smaller than 3.4 ounces in a clear quart-sized bag, be sure to remove it. If you’re in doubt as to whether you need to remove an item or not, take it out or ask an agent.

Declare Liquid Medications

When traveling, all medications of any kind should be properly labeled to avoid confusion. For liquid medications that need to be carried with you at all times or that you will require on a long flight, TSA makes exceptions to their rule for liquids. At security, you can present any medically necessary liquids, gels, and aerosols to an agent who will scan them separately from your other belongings. Be sure to notify an agent if this applies to you.

Remove Outerwear and Metal

Before going through the security scanner, you’ll need to remove all bulky clothing items, such as coats and scarves, as well as belts, shoes, and metal jewelry. Make sure to take all items out of your pockets as they may set off alarms and require you to get a full security pat down, slowing down your time in the security checkpoint.

Take Everything With You

As you exit the security scanner and your personal belongings come through the x-ray machine, make sure to take everything with you. While TSA does their best to reunite lost items with owners, airports are big and bustling, which makes this difficult. One commonly forgotten item is loose change. Last year, $869,000 was left at security checkpoints across the US, so make sure to gather back up everything you took from your pockets.

Familiarizing yourself with the steps and rules of TSA security will help you move through the line quickly and without any complications. Passing through security without any hassles will allow you more time to get to your gate and relax before your flight. Let your vacation start off stress free when you breeze through security.

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